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Visioneer & Best Selling Author
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Do you feel like you were made for more?
What would you change if you could?
You WERE made for more and you CAN bring about your vision for yourself, your family and your community… you just need the right tools to do it. 
How do I know that? Because I’ve been right where you are now, wanting more, knowing I was made for more…
  •  a more fulfilling way to support my family,
  •  deeper connection with my family,
  •  a community that made me feel safe, whole, included, and valued.
In short, I wanted what we all want, to know at the end of our lives that we lived, we loved, and we mattered.
Does that sound like a wonderful dream, but not something you could ever have? I felt that way too. People told me “things will never change”, “You’re just one person, you can’t do anything”, “You can’t fight city hall”. The message was that I had to put up with the neighborhoods full of crime and the drugs, where my neighbors and I were afraid to even leave our homes because of the thugs that ran our streets. I had to shut up and accept the terrible education my kids were receiving and support it with my tax dollars. I had to pay the high prices for the low-quality food the local chain grocery store carried and accept that I couldn’t have healthy, fresh alternatives. I had to force myself every day to go to a mind-numbing job that barely paid enough to make ends meet.

Let me pause in the story for just a minute to introduce myself.

My name is Lorinda Snyder, Lori for short. At the time this story was taking place, I was a newly - single mother of six (yes, six) kids ranging in age from 4-16…one in every school in my neighborhood. I worked a full-time job (with some freelance work on the side) just to keep a roof over our heads.
I was busy.

Too busy (I thought) to try to change anything in my life.

All I could do was pray for change.

That phrase makes me smile now, because we tend to think of prayer as an ineffective, last ditch effort, but when I look at what happened next, I know it’s the most powerful tool we have for change.

Let’s get back to the story:

Evidently, I wasn’t the only one praying for change because very soon afterward, Divine Providence stepped in and created an alliance of those of us who were trying to change things in our community. The group was called The Alliance for Excellence and it brought together community residents and people with the power to get things done. We had representatives from the school district, law enforcement, city government, the judicial system, and many local non-profit service providers.

It was a Dream Team for change…and it worked.

The Alliance took a holistic approach to changing the community and worked to strengthen families, schools, and neighborhoods.

The impact we had together was phenomenal, and so was the impact on me. I saw residents who lived behind bolted doors and barred windows take a few hesitant steps outside and eventually take part in neighborhood block parties. I saw drug dealers pack up and slink away into the shadows as the renewed vitality of the community created a hostile environment for their trade. I saw crack houses torn down and vacant lots turned into community gardens. I saw families that had been torn apart by addiction and apathy reunited and thriving. I saw kids who typically moved three or four times a year finally be able to have enough stability in their lives that they could take the time to make friends and finish school projects.

As the community changed, so did I, and so did my family. All the changes I had wanted were starting to show up in my life. Like other kids in the neighborhood, my kids started working on community projects and thinking about the things they wanted to see happen. They showed up to bag and deliver farm-fresh produce from our alliance with local farmers. They tutored and mentored younger students in their schools. In the process of it all, they learned to lead and how to create the world they wanted no matter where they were.
We weren’t a huge team, we didn’t have endless resources or a fat wad of government grant money to spend (or the restrictions that come with it). We were a grass-roots group who did what we could, where we were, with what we had; and proved in the doing that lasting change trickles up, not down.
Changing one community and the families in it is certainly a wonderful thing, but the important take-away from our story is that what worked for us can work for every community, everywhere.

There was nothing special about us.

There wasn’t anything unique to our community.

The change we created is a formula that can be replicated by any group of committed people .

The formula is built around the four foundations of a community:


When those four areas are strong and functioning properly, the community is strong. If there are weaknesses in any of those four pillars, the community will be weak as well.

Not incidentally, the same things that make strong communities make strong families. Families are the cellular level of a community. Strong families strengthen communities and vice versa.

Fast-forward to present day:

It’s been almost two decades since I took those first few hesitant steps into the unknown, fumbling my way toward a dream I could only see with my heart. I’ve watched my kids launch themselves toward their own dreams, armed with the tools and skills they need to reach their goals as well as the confidence that comes from being part of something bigger than themselves at an early age.

I’ve had the honor of facilitating change in other communities since then, each one has had unique challenges to meet, but the Four – Pillar formula has never failed to work. As I write this, I’m in a new community. It isn’t where I intended to be, but God had a different plan. This new place is full of challenges, but ripe for change. I’m learning the landscape, working to understand where the failure points are, and building a new alliance.

If you’d like an inside look at how trickle-up change can happen, in a person, in a family, and in a community, I’d love to share the journey with you. You can get a front row seat and watch this happen in real-time, just click the link below to get regular updates and connect with me on your favorite social media platform.

You were meant for more!

Lasting change trickles up...
~ Lorinda Snyder ~
Earn a Living Helping Others
Right now, in places you may never have heard of, there are people needing your thought-leadership, your influence, your wisdom. They are struggling to solve a problem and you have the solution.

But how do you reach them?

The world has become a very loud place, it’s hard for the people who need you to hear you above the noise of all the other voices trying to capture their attention. You need a way to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd; you need to become an Elite Thought Leader.

This book will help you do just that.

In it, you will learn how to build a Leader Stage that lifts you above the crowd and positions you as an expert at the problems you solve for others. You’ll learn about the Four Pillars that support your stage, what each one does ad how to make them work together to help you reach more people.

Full of resources checklists, and action-items you can implement immediately, Your Debut as an Elite Thought Leader provides the tools you need to reach your audience and create the change you want to see happen in the world.

Launch or Grow a Successful Local Business
There’s no denying that local businesses face a harsh economic climate these days, but they are essential to the health of a community. The money spent at a local business stays in the community, it pays wages, it supports other businesses, it sponsors community programs. Studies show that every dollar spent at a local business returns $8 of value. On the other hand, the money spent at chain or big-box stores leaves the community immediately, to provide value where ever the corporate office is located. We need strong local businesses.
A strong business must have a system for attracting and maintaining a steady stream of customers. This book outlines just such a system.
Based on fundamentals that have been proven time and again to fuel growth, Boost Your Business Today: The Four Pillars Secret to Success is the result of the extensive experience ad knowledge of the members of The Local Marketers Association, a world-wide network of top local marketing experts dedicated to helping small business owners reach their maximum growth potential. Members of TLMA are all local business owners themselves and know first-hand what it takes to survive and grow when the going gets rough.

The Four Pillars system is based around the concept that every successful business has four strong pillars at its foundation:
  •  Recognition / Reputation - making sure the business is putting its best foot forward
  •  Reach - attracting new customers
  •  Retention - increasing the lifetime value of current customers
  •  Referral - turning happy customers into a powerful sales force
This book will help you evaluate and make the most of those pillars to drive growth for your business whether you’re just starting out or want to grow an existing business.
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